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Major Improvements on YouTube-syndication

Since launching in January earlier this year, we’ve been receiving a fair share of good feedback from you (thx!). The only issue that really kept popping up on a regular basis, was that we couldn’t provide YouTube-videos to many tracks & artists we feature in our charts. Up til now there were four reasons, why you couldn’t watch a certain video:

  1. The YouTube-clip we’ve linked to a song has been taken down from YouTube arbitrarily or due to legal demand.
  2. The YouTube-clip we’ve linked to a song was only available in certain places of the world due to legal restrictions (it’s mainly visitors outside the US affected by this issue).
  3. Our data-provider ( delivered no linked YouTube-clip at all.
  4. There really is no video on YouTube for a particular song… :)

Today I’m happy to announce that we’ve been able to solve problems 1., 2. & 3. by implementing an improved, more independent version of our syndication-code. regarding issue 4., we’re thinking on integrating other video-sources in addition to YouTube in the near future (suggestions on any sources?).

But for now, happy watching! :)

PS: as always, your feedback is very much welcome! If you discover a track which doesn’t have a working video (but you think there really should be one on YouTube), feel free to drop a comment!

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